# About us

The howreadable experiment was developed by Daniel van Berzon (@dvberzon) in collaboration with Jake ‘Sid’ Smith (@JakeSidSmith) and Niall Coleman-Clarke (@mceniallator).

Thank you to Phil Teare, Freyja Nash and Narani van Laarhoven (@fsf_2025) for their help with the experiment design, Cian Campbell (Jazz Hands Presentations) for help with the visual design, and Oskar Holm (@ohdatascience) for help with the statistical analysis.

Thanks to Ocasta for support and sponsorship.

# Contact us

This is an ongoing project, and if you are interested in the work we are doing we would appreciate any help or feedback you can provide. We would be especially interested in ways to improve the research, or ideas for coding constructs to test.

If you would like to contact us you can email [email protected].